How to Choose an Assisted Living or Long-Term Care Facility

Choosing a rehabilitation facility, long-term care nursing facility, respite care facility, or assisted living community can be overwhelming and a bit daunting. There are many different providers here in South and Central New Jersey that have their own specialties and benefits. Choosing a facility is a highly personal decision and one that is of the utmost importance to you or your loved one. A significant factor to consider is the amount of experience a facility has in caring for older adults and the longevity of its employees.

What to Look for in Assisted Living

In order to begin to investigate which facility would best meet your criteria, the ideal route is to visit them to see first-hand how care is delivered. Below are a few helpful hints to assist you during your search:

  • Is the parking lot free of debris and the landscaping appears tended to?
  • Are you welcomed in a friendly and professional manner when entering the facility?
  • Does the staff appear helpful and eager to answer your questions?
  • Are the staff professionally dressed, smiling, and friendly?
  • Do the residents appear well cared for? Smiling? Wearing clean clothes? Are they engaged with the staff?
  • Do you hear or see activity programs underway?
  • Look beyond just the furniture, does the facility appear clean and odor free?
  • What is the staff-to-resident staffing ratio?
  • Ask for a weekly menu and/or activities calendar to ensure that the facility is compatible with your loved one’s needs and interests.

Evaluate Accreditations and State Surveys

Viewing a facility’s State Survey Results is another important part of the process when choosing a home for your loved one. This can be done directly at the facility. Additionally, ask to view their State Survey results which are available at the facility. If you are touring during meal time, feel free to ask to taste what is on the menu. Many facilities will be accommodating. You may also want to ask for a weekly menu and/or activities calendar to ensure that the facility is compatible with your needs and interests. Inquire about any accreditations or special certifications. Some facilities are JCAHO accredited, which means they have gone above and beyond the minimum state regulations to provide care.

Some long-term care facilities have what is known as an Advanced Standing with the NJ Department of Health. Facilities receive the designation of Advanced Standing when the Health Care Association of New Jersey Foundation (HCANJF) verifies that the facility has satisfied all state licensing regulations and met quality benchmarks. Also, ask to speak with someone from the facility’s management team, such as the Administrator or Director of Nursing, to get a sense of what their philosophy is when caring for older adults. Make sure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed during your visit.

Take A Tour of Our NJ Facilities

The most important advice is to trust your instincts. You will know when you have found the right match. Learn more about the services that DePaul Healthcare provides by taking a tour of Terraces at Parke Place in Sewell, Rose Hill in Robbinsville, or Woodview Estates in Mays Landing.

For more information about assisted living in New Jersey, call us or email us for any questions you may have.

Article submitted by Dawn Wighton from Absecon Manor and Woodview Estates Assisted Living owned by DePaul Healthcare since 1986. For over 30 years, the choice people trust. Experience the DePaul Difference.